Child, Adolescent and Adult Counselling and Psychotherapy


Play Therapy for Children (4yo -11 or 12yo)

For a child who is having difficulties in one or more areas.

Can be short-term or longer.

I am able to help pre-school and school age children with a variety of emotional and behavioural problems, including:   

  • Anxiety, lack of confidence, which may manifest as bed wetting, nightmares, reluctance to attend school, insecurity or nervousness, obsessive rituals.

  • Aggressive or uncontrollable behaviour; violent behaviour; jealousy; bullying; ADHD; difficulty with communicating, silent withdrawal or refusal to speak; significant distress; problems with sleep - inability to sleep in their own bed, disturbed sleep, nightmares; rituals; problems with toileting - bed wetting, soiling; upset due to family separation, a new baby, illness or bereavement; learning difficulties; .

  • I am able to see children with developmental problems, such as children who are silent and withdrawn, those who have significant learning difficulties, those with 'special needs' and those who have been diagnosed in the Autistic Spectrum. (An autistic child should preferably start with me before they are 7 or 8yo.)

I work with a child in a non-directive way, which enables them to express in their own way what is troubling them. This includes play, in which your child plays as they wish, with toys and creative materials that I provide. 

Play is how children express their inner world and is an important way they work through things.

As your child plays, I follow and respond. My response is based on my training, clinical thinking and experience. It is relational

In their play with me, your child is able to work though their anxieties and other difficulties, which enables them to feel and manage better in all areas of their lives.

The aim of the work is to help your child to on to a better developmental track as opposed to only managing their behaviour. The outcome is generally very good and sustains.

As part of the work, I meet with and support you as parents. 

I first meet with you for an initial consultation to hear the details of your concerns, obtain background information and to talk about how I work. (I will also show you the appropriate clearances to work with children.)

After I have seen your child three or four times, I will meet back with you for us to discuss how your child has been and to decide together what is the best way forward. Sometimes obtaining some insight, advice and support is all that is required. Where we decide together that some further sessions are needed, these can then be arranged.  

I liaise with other professionals as necessary. eg. School counsellors and classroom teachers, GP's, paediatricians and child psychiatrists.

Further Notes re my work with Autistic / PDD children. 

(Please see my separate page: 'Working with Autism')

Psychological work with an autistic child is generally slow, often takes a number of years and requires a substantial commitment. It is possible to facilitate some improvement in psychological and therefore behavioural functioning for certain kinds of autism. A thorough assessment must be carried out before any decision is made to attempt therapeutic work.